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Disney Must Do: Tangled Photo Spot

One of the main questions I get about my Disney obsession is why I go so often.  People claim that “it’s always the same,” but any Disney lover knows that this is far from true! A major perk of visiting Disney so often is that there is pretty much always something different going on. When I think back on the year I went six times, I can honestly say that no two trips were alike!

Well, Disney has done it again! They’ve added something new and I’m so excited to talk about it because it speaks to me personally. As long as the Tangled restrooms have been there, I’ve always said that it’s a shame that there’s not Photopass opportunity there. With such beautiful theming, I thought it was such a waste!

I guess Disney agreed because there’s finally a Tangled photo spot and it’s nothing short of magical! The scene is set after dark, when all of the lanterns are lit and you have the chance to hold a lantern of  your own. Since this experience is still so new, I’d like to share some insight so you can make the most of this photo!

Undercover Tourist

One thing I will say about this photo spot is that it’s not clearly marked. Before tonight all I knew about the photo was that it was taken in the dark. If you’re looking to avoid the line, I would suggest stopping by the Tangled restrooms right before dark.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for the Photopass photographer. Whoever catches his attention first is who will start the line!

The great thing about this spot is that you can take your lantern picture solo, with your significant other, or whoever you want! Tangled is my all time favorite movie, so I loved having the chance to take this photo that resembles one of my favorite scenes from the movie!

So next time you find yourself in Magic Kingdom after dark, be sure to visit the Tangled restrooms and take advantage of this memorable spot. I’m still waiting on a Tangled attraction one day, but I guess this photo spot will do for the time being!

What’s your favorite photo spot in Disney Parks?

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