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My Rope Drop Rundown

If you’re looking to make the most of your day at Disney, it’s always best to try and arrive for Rope Drop. Early bird gets the worm, right? There’s no better phrase to describe the benefit of making it to a Disney Park for Rope Drop!

What is Rope Drop?

Rope Drop is another name for the moment when a Disney Park opens for the day. 

Rope Drop is something that happens daily at each of the four parks in Walt Disney World. If you think Rope Drop might be right for your vacation, here are my Rope Drop rides for each park when I’m in Disney!

Magic Kingdom

When it comes to Rope Drop in Magic Kingdom, there’s one ride that I’m always headed to. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! This ride is competitive to get FastPass+ reservations for and sometimes it’s just easier to get there and ride it first thing. Another bonus is that since you’re already in Fantasyland but still close to Tomorrowland, you can choose what area you want to tackle next before crowds get too crazy!

Usually after Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, my party and I will just conquer all of Fantasyland opening us up to the rest of the park for the day. The other route we take is heading straight to Space Mountain! Since it’s so early the line is usually still only at 20 minutes which goes by a lot faster in air conditioning. While some make it a priority to book FastPass+ reservations in advance for this Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I usually try to save my 3 for the other mountains in the park! If I know I’ll be there for Rope Drop, I know I’ll make it to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

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Rope Drop rides for Epcot are usually split for most. For me, my first attraction is always Soarin’! Reason being that I’ve usually secured a FastPass+ Reservation for Test Track. Since guests are limited to choosing either Soarin’ or Test Track as one of their options, my family has always chosen Soarin’ for Rope Drop. There’s nothing like walking straight to the Land Pavilion, going downstairs, and walking RIGHT ON to one of the top attractions in the park!

While it may seem like the entire park is heading towards this ride, don’t let the crowd overwhelm you. You’ll get on the attraction almost immediately! An additional perk is having such close access to my other favorite attraction, Living With The Land. You’re in the building, might as well catch that ride too right?


Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is another park that makes you choose between major attractions for your three FastPass+ Reservations. Since choosing both Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and Toy Story Mania isn’t possible, you’re left to pick one or the other! When the park officially opens for the day, you’ll find me headed straight for Toy Story Mania. Guests have a much better chance of finding a FastPass+ for Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, even the day before! This is due to the lack of rides for children (or rides in general currently) in the Hollywood Studios. Most parents are booking that Toy Story Mania reservation, leaving everyone else with the option of riding it at Rope Drop or waiting in a very long line!

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Although the initial crowd of Rope Droppers can seem overwhelming, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you are on the attraction! Save those FastPasses for two of my favorites: Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. They are right next to each other, so if the FastPass+ Reservations are back to back, it eliminates any unnecessary walking!


Animal Kingdom

Pandora is the name of the game when it comes to Animal Kingdom! Although I have not had a chance to experience this new addition myself, I know this is where I’m headed first when I’m there in 10 days! Specially, Flight of Passage. Many of you may have already noticed during Disney vacation planning that it is difficult to snag this FastPass+ even weeks in advance.

Since this attraction is so new, I highly suggest planning ahead and getting there for Rope Drop so you can experience it without the 200 minute wait! You’ll already in the Pandora area, so after riding the attraction you can explore the rest of the newest area in Animal Kingdom with probably the smallest crowds you’ll see all day. I’ll be testing this theory out myself in September, but even if there is a small wait 20-30 minutes beats 200 minutes every time!


Pro Tips For Rope Drop

1. Be there no later than 45 minutes before the park opens.

There’s nothing worse than walking up just minutes after the park opens. While it is still going to be lighter in the parks, being in that initial number is what will cut down on wait times for your first ride of the day! If you’re staying off grounds, especially headed to Magic Kingdom, plan accordingly. That 45 minutes will fly by quickly with all of the hustle and bustle of Transportation and Ticket Center!

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2. Book all early FastPass+ Reservations.

If you’re there for Rope Drop, book your three FastPasses for as early as possible! Since you’re committing you waking up early, you know that you’ll make all three. I try to keep all of my FastPasses before 11-11:30AM on Rope Drop days because it allows me the opportunity to try again for more reservations at the FastPass+ kiosks! Wouldn’t you rather ride one of your favorites again instead of settling for one of the less popular attractions?!

3. Take advantage of picture perfect moments.

Looking for that perfect shot with Cinderella Castle? Rope Drop is the time to make it happen! Park openings are the best time to get photos with minimal people in the background. What’s more magical than that? You’ll also find shorter lines for PhotoPass picture opportunities that you’ll want to take advantage of if you have Memory Maker!


So there you have it! My guide to all things Rope Drop. If you haven’t tried making it to the parks for Rope Drop yet, I highly suggest it! Making the most of your morning leaves time for afternoon naps at the hotel and trips back to the parks in the evening. Less stress leads to happier Disney trips so take advantage of Rope Drop if you can!


What’s your first ride of the day in the Disney Parks?