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How to Make a Mickey Santa Hat for your pet

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and for my family that means a Disney Christmas! From the lights to the tree topper to the stockings and more, Mickey was never far from our Christmas traditions. One thing that I always remember having out every year were our Mickey Mouse Santa hats! (You can grab your own Mickey Mouse Santa hat here!) Mouse ears were a must and I’m so glad that I have them to share with my kids someday.

After finding my old Mickey Santa hat in the attic this weekend, I decided it would be fun to try and make Roux her very own Mickey Santa hat! Why this isn’t already a thing is a mystery to me, but with more Disney pet gear coming out all the time I wouldn’t be surprised if I see one in the next few years!

If you’d like to have a Mickey little Christmas with your furbaby, feel free to make one of your own!

What You’ll Need

  • Pet-Sized Santa Hat
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Felt
  • Cardboard



  • Lay the Santa hat down on a flat surface.
  • Use your scissors to make a small hole on each side of the hat to make room for the future ears.
  • Grab a rounded object to trace your ears onto the felt. (This object will vary based on the size of your dog, but for small pets I suggest a spice jar!)
  • Cut out your circles, you should have two.
  • Make two additional circles, but add a skinny notch to one side of the circle. (This is how you will secure it to the hat)
  • Grab your thin cardboard and cut out two circles.
  • When it comes to the cardboard, feel free to use something light like a cereal box.
  • Take your hot glue gun and put your three ear pieces together. (felt piece > cardboard piece > other felt piece)
  • Stick the notch on the end of your Mickey ear through the hole in the hat and secure it with some hot glue.
  • Once both ears are glue on, allow some try for it to dry.
  • Put it on your pup and enjoy!
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I really loved making this fun little project! While Roux probably won’t wear this hat all the time for Christmas, I’m still glad she has it just in case. Although my Disney Christmas collection is currently small, I hope to be in full Mickey Christmas mode just like my family home someday. Shout out to my mom for instilling this love of Disney in me in all ways possible!

Still looking to add a little Disney magic to your furbaby’s Christmas morning? Here are a few of Roux’s top picks for Santa, including two of her favorite chew toys, a Minnie bow and a Mickey waffle!

What are some Christmas traditions from your childhood?