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Your Guide to Food and Wine Festival 2017

It’s the most delicious time of the year! Food and Wine Festival is officially here and I’ve got the scoop on what you need to know to make the most of this unforgettable experience.

Food and Wine Festival will be running from August 31 to November 13 and features over 35 destinations to explore! Since Epcot is celebrating 35 years, they have brought back favorites from the past as well as five new marketplaces! Find the full list of marketplaces for the festival here.

When you enter the festival the first thing to do is grab your Festival Passport. This will be your guide to the offerings of this tasty endeavor. Your passport is complete with full menus for each destination, stickers to mark off what you’ve tried, and even photos of some of the foods! 

The decor for the festival is simplistic and colorful. It features Remy from Ratatouille, which could be due to the recent announcement about a Ratatouille attraction coming to the World Showcase! 

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will be happy to know that they are taken care of at the festival this year. Each month of Food and Wine Festival, Passholders have the chance to collect different Passholder-exclusive buttons as a special souvenir! 


Food and Wine Festival merchandise is plentiful as well this year. With shops all around Epcot, you’re sure to find a mug, shirt, pin, or even purse that is your perfect reminder of the fun you had at the festival this year!

Participating in the Disney Dining Plan? Take advantage of your snack credits to try some fun festival bites like L’Orange Cotton Candy and Zesty Cheeseburger and Cheddar Cheese Macaroni Handwich! While alcoholic beverages are not an option for snacks, most other tastings may count. 

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Pro Tip: Look through the menu with your group and decide together on which items you’d like to try. Divide and conquer by each choosing different bites and stretch your budget and stomach as far as you can!


While the food destinations are the main attraction at this festival, there are other activities to take advantage of as well. The America Gardens Theatre will be featuring 32 amazing acts throughout the duration of the festival at its Eat to the Beat Concert Series! The Festival Center features book signings, culinary demonstrations, and beverage seminars. Check out the Festival Passport for a full list of all the activities you can take part in.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to find some time to experience this tasty event! With over 35 destinations to explore, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy!

What are you most excited about for Food and Wine Festival this year?



  • This event looks amazing! I wish they had Epcots at other Disney parks around the world–it’s my very favorite. It looks like whoever goes to this event is in for an incredible experience. 🙂

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      I think Disney’s California Adventure tried out a similar festival earlier this year that was a hit!

  • kathy

    I would love to go to this event. You can’t go wrong with food and wine. I hope they are safe from Irma this week.

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Yes! They turned out fine from what I hear thank goodness!

  • Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    This looks great! I love food and I love wine, throw in some Disney, how can you go wrong?! Its been quite a while since I’ve been but Im sure we will visiting again soon.

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Honestly, that’s how I feel!

  • Lynn White

    I have always wanted to go to this! Looks like so much fun!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Make the time to go! You’ll love it!

  • Laura Kelly-Pifer

    Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      It is!

  • I’m OBSESSED with the themeing this year. Remy is one of my favourite characters and he totally gets overlooked so i’m so happy they brought him out.

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Me too! I’m glad he’s getting his time to shine!

  • Colleen Carrigan Fickle

    Yum! Can’t wait, I am going to the Fest in October!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      It’s a date! 🙂

  • Food and wine is one of my fave times of year at Disney! So many good eats, drinks, and concerts!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      I agree! I can’t wait to be back in October!

  • Oh my gosh this looks so delicious. I love that Ratatouille is on the sign, that movie is one of my favorites!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Me too! I’m so glad Remy is included this year!

  • I used to live in Florida, and I loved, loved, loved the Food and Wine Festival! There is so much good food and it is so fun

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      I agree! I love it so much!

  • Nicole Flint

    Sounds fun!! I haven’t been to Epcot in years!!

  • This looks like so much fun, my parent’s best friends love going to that!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Me too!

  • thesophiadiaries

    I wish I wasn’t at school, coz I would totally go to this festival since it sounds so fun!!!

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      Make time for it when you can, because it shouldn’t be going anywhere!

  • Amanda Faber

    It sounds like so much fun! I will be there during this time so I need to check it out

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      YES! So much fun eating around the world!

  • Tori Dunlap

    This looks like such a blast! Do you know if it closed early because of the hurricane?
    Tori || Victori Media

    • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

      It was closed for two days due to the hurricane, but reopened today! I was actually down there until Saturday, and they weather was fine until Sunday!

  • Oh my! This is my type of festival!!

  • I have heard so many great things about the food and wine festival! This sounds like my kind of event!