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How to make your birthday in Disney even COOLER

A birthday is an important day. What better way to spend it than at Walt Disney World?! Back in April, we celebrated my brother’s birthday in Disney, and it was truly a magical time! Disney has a way of making you feel like royalty when you’re celebrating something BIG like a birthday.

When I think of celebrating in Walt Disney World, I think of their celebration buttons that are available at Guest Services in the front of any park! While this button is known to come with perks, on our latest trip to Disney I discovered another birthday surprise opportunity!

One of our must do’s when we visit Epcot is Club Cool. Who doesn’t love enjoying sodas from around the world? Doesn’t hurt that it’s free either. In addition to the soda tasting stations, this is the place to get Coca Cola products.

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As my mom, brother, and I were trying out the flavors, we were approached by a cast member who informed us that Kevin could get a FREE Frozen Coke since it was his birthday! Anyone that knows us, knows that Frozen Cokes are our absolute favorite! What made this extra magical, was that the cast member surprised us with THREE FREE Frozen Cokes! We were all able to enjoy this frozen treat together. This was our last day in the parks, so we were thrilled to be sprinkled with a little Disney magic on our way out of Orlando!

So, next time you’re visiting Epcot and it is someone’s birthday in your party, play it cool and surprise them with the perfect frozen treat! Make them try Beverly first, of course, but after that they celebrate with a Frozen Coke!

What’s an extra special Disney experience you’ve had while celebrating in the parks?

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  • Nothing better than a birthday at Disney! Great tip on the free drinks! I had no clue!

  • I love the birthday buttons that they hand out, it helps to make everything so much more special. I’ve had characters yell happy birthday to me during parades, gotten free desserts and lots of happy birthdays from cast members. Disney does birthdays right!

  • I celebrated a birthday at Epcot back in the day… I think I was turning 9! I remember loving it, and the fact that my birthday pin from Epcot had “happy birthday” in so many different languages!

  • Alexandra

    I’m probably the last person left in the United States who’s never been to a Disney theme park. Maybe when the grands get a bit older. Maybe.

    • Carrie

      I haven’t been either and I’m 43. However I have been dying to go for years!! Next October we are finally gonna take the plunge and go!!! Thanks to my beautiful granddaughter!!! My husband finally said yes!!!!!

  • Thats so sweet that the cast member gave you all a frozen coke! What a nice surprise!

  • You share the best Disney secrets. So cool you guys enjoyed some free frozen cokes for a birthday celebration!

  • adriana

    Disney on your birthday is just the best! I love this, hope you had a blast!!

  • Oh Disney would be such a fun place for a birthday! Love the free coke! 🙂

    xoxo A

  • Oh gosh! Beverly is THE WORST!

  • the sophia diaries

    I don’t think I could spend my birthday at Disney but that sounds like an interesting idea for sure haha

  • Disney is the best for making any occassion feel extra special!

  • So cool that you got to spend a birthday in Disney! I’d love to do that someday.

  • Silvia

    That’s so sweet! I loved visiting Disney for my birthday! I ended up getting free coffee, a free coffee mug, and some free cotton candy!

  • I forgot about Club Cool! Thanks for reminding me! We are visiting in June 🙂

  • I’ve never been to the cool club! We are planning a trip soon, so I need to add this on my list ASAP!

  • SO fun! We always used to celebrate my little brother’s birthday at Disneyland. It was so fun because his birthday happens to be the same day as Walt Disney!

  • Jos

    I didn’t even know they had such a place! Definitely need to visit there next time!

  • I remember when I lived in Germany there were sodas with the same names/logos as the ones in the States but they do NOT taste the same! xoRach | http://rkcsouthern.com

  • This looks like so much fun and so cool (literally!)! I’ve never been to Disney World but I live near Disneyland and had a pass for years. I loved celebrating my brithday there (and getting the special birthday pin!)– we always had to stop for ice cream. Their cones and sundaes are SO good and they have such huge scoops!

  • I spent my most recent birthday at Universal Studios- spending a birthday in Disney is next. 🙂

  • My birthday is coming up and I wish I could spend it at Disney! I love love love Frozen Cokes too! Usually I get a Coke slurpee from 7-11 whenever I’m craving one 🙂
    Hannah | the swirl blog

  • Oh how fun! I haven’t been to Disney since I was a kid but this is making me want to visit again!

  • So much fun! I totally need to go again to Disney.

    xx, Melissa

  • So cute!!! Never too old for Disney xx

  • How awesome! I haven’t been to Disney in a while, but knowing how great their staff is all the time, and especially for birthdays, makes me want to go asap!

  • amy

    How fun!! I’d love to go to Disney for my birthday!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Spent a few birthdays at Disney and they always make the day so special!

  • Happy belated to your brother! I love frozen Cokes, so I would have been tickled, as well! I’ve never been to Disney on my birthday, but I’m glad to know that this exists in the case that I am ever there to celebrate!!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass