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There aren’t many places in life quite like Walt Disney World! Aside from being the Happiest Place on Earth, for me Disney Parks set themselves apart by going above and beyond to make sure that they are fun for everyone. To those who live without a handicap or disability this may not seem very apparent, but as a sibling of someone with disabilities I find this quality to be so valuable.

My brother Kevin is able to escape from reality and enter a state of pure joy every time we visit Walt Disney World! In the parks, the world is his oyster. Though Kevin is epileptic and has other setbacks due to a childhood brain injury, he is able to do whatever he pleases with no setbacks when he visits! How is this possible? Disney’s Disability Access Service!

Disney’s Disability Access Service is a program specifically guests with disabilities that may hinder them from being able to wait in long lines. This is a game changer for guest parties that include someone with physical or mental disabilities that may keep them from being able to make the most of their time at Disney.


How can my party participate in the Disability Access Service?

When you enter the park on the first day of your trip, head straight to Guest Services which is usually located at the front on the park. An attendant in Guest Services should be able to get your set up!


Are we eligible for the Disability Access Service?

The best way to learn about your options is to talk with a Cast Member. While in Guest Services, be sure to explain your situation in full detail so all of your needs are accounted for. Disney’s Guest Services works to assess each guest’s needs individually, so they will provide you with solutions even if you aren’t eligible for the Disability Access Service. An important thing to remember is that the Disability Access Service is geared towards those who cannot wait in a conventional queue environment for a long period of time, so those with only physical disabilities such as a wheelchair or scooter may not be eligible.

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We’re eligible! What happens now?

Once you’re confirmed to be eligible, the service will be added to your account. This usually requires a photo to be taken for the system for verification purposes! One of the perks of this service is that your party gets to enjoy the benefits right along with you. Guest Services will ask for the number of members in your party for that trip and make note of that number for your account. All of the party’s Magic Bands or park tickets will be scanned at Guest Services for future convenience on your trip! Important Tip: You MUST have all members of your party present when you set up this service for your trip. Anyone who isn’t present will not be linked.


How it works

Disability Access Service can be used for any Disney attractions that have the FastPass+ option. Choose an attraction that your party would like to ride. Visit the Cast Member located at the FastPass+ line for that attraction. Get the park ticket or MagicBand of the guest with the Disability Access Service scanned by the Cast Member and they will give you a come back time for the attraction. Until this Disability Access Service FastPass is used, your party will not be able to get another. When it comes time to use your Disability Access Service FastPass, revisit the FastPass+ line and use the FastPass on each guest’s ticket! The Disability Access Service guest will be required to scan first, but all following guests in the party will scan through after them.

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It’s important to note that your Disability Access Service pass is valid for 60 days. So if you’re an annual passholder like my brother, you’ll have to revisit Guest Services again if your next trip falls out of that time frame. If you were previously eligible for this service, chances are that you will be again!

Like most things at Disney Parks, this program is constantly evolving to continue to improve the experience for those guests who need it. To stay up to date be sure to check with Guest Services when you’re visiting the park!

If you or someone you know would benefit from the Disability Access Service, inform them of this program! Believe it or not, our family only found out about this program a few years ago. Since learning about this system, our trips have only gotten better for my brother! He’s able to do everything he wants to with no added stress.

What I love most about this service is how inclusive it is. I think that it goes right along with Walt’s original idea for Disney Parks: A place where everyone can enjoy time together! With programs like the Disability Access Service, Disney is able to stay true to it’s original principles.


  • This sounds really awesome by Disney, to make it fun for everyone. Your brother is awesome and his smile in the picture really made me smile. Love it!!

  • Pam

    Wow! I’m a fan of Disney Parks as well, what a great information you’ve shared with their programs. Timing for the next trip!

  • This is super program. I am glad they are making it possible for ALL kids to enjoy the park.

  • I have a ton of health problems and Disney was so accommodating when I went a few years ago! I brought a doctor’s note with me because if you see me I look “fine,” but they didn’t even ask to see it which was really nice. I also have a ton of crazy food allergies and my sister has Celiac and they are incredible with those as well! Disney is probably one of the safest places for people with food allergies to eat! Thanks for sharing this post – I loved it!

    The Blush Blonde

  • Jay Colby

    This is an amazing program. I’m glad they’re making it possible for all kids to enjoy the park

  • I want to take my little sister so bad. She would be qualified for the disability access as she is legally disabled. I think it’s amazing how special the people at the park can make everyone feel. It truly is the happiest place on earth.

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  • Angela Milnes

    Sounds like a good program! Anyone was love to go In Disney such a Magical Place and kids would love to have fun there.

  • I LOVE that they offer this program! Thanks for sharing the info. 🙂

  • I think it’s great that Disney offers this for disabled persons. They really do cater to everyone and fun is important for all.

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  • I LOVE that Disney offers such great services for people with disabilities! Especially since your family are season pass holders, it’s great that you can experience these benefits every time you visit!

  • Misty Nelson Dawn

    Sounds like a good program and so glad that they offer this and I bet kids are having so much fun. Love this post

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    Kudos to Disney for embracing the disability community. I wish other organizations did the same.

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  • I’m so glad Disney is able to make this a special experience for your family! They are a great company!

  • What a wonderful service! I had no idea but it makes sense that Disney would have this! I love seeing it through the perspective of a sibling too.

  • Your brother’s smile is so warm. And this is so thoughtful of providing such services to special children. 🙂 Love it just.

  • Elizabeth O

    This is very helpful and vital information for families with a disabled member. It can be very diffict to maneuver through a busy place like Disney so, having this information cuts the wait and confusion in half.

  • looked like you all were having a blast. I love great times like this perfect for creating memories to last a lifetime
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  • Wow this is great to know!!! I had no idea and my son might be eligible ty !

  • Disney takes care of their every guest. I totally agree with you that one should reach cast members for any support. They are very helpful!

  • Katrina gehman

    that is awesome. more parks should have this policy. we were at one park and i use a wheelchair, needless to say they were not polite on a few of the rides.

  • I’m so glad Disney can be so helpful to people with disabilities and let them enjoy their theme park just like everybody else! I think more parks should start implementing policies like this!!