If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Every year is another chance for us to start a new. January 1st is our time every year to reflect and dream of what’s to come. One of my favorite parts of the start of a new year is setting goals. For as long as I can remember, it has always been a tradition in my household to sit down and write out our goals as a family. There’s just something about putting your potential achievements on paper that makes them seem so much more attainable!

This year for the first time in a long time I’ll have two sets of goals! I find this exciting because I’ve always been a goal-oriented person and the idea of seeing how I’ve progressed by December 31, 2017 gives me something to look forward to.



Personal Goals

Save Money

This goal is a big one for us this year! Nick and I have been looking into some money saving challenges and will be starting one for the year today! We are excited to put the money away to save for a future trip or just something we might need for the house.


Give Thanks

You may recognize this goal from last month, but this is just a reoccurring goal for me. Life gets busy and it’s so easy to forget to give thanks for the people and things we are blessed with. This year for Christmas my mom gave Nick and I a notebook for writing down the things we are thankful for daily. I think this will be a fun exercise for us to review our blessings together each day!

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Cook More, Eat Out Less

During our first six months of marriage, I’ve been slacking in the cooking department! After a long day at work sometimes it’s just more convenient to grab something on the way home. This year I’m aiming to cook at least three nights out of the work week. Wish me luck!


Make Time For Family

This goal is not something that I take for granted. Not everyone has the opportunity to always visit with their loved ones, but Nick and I do. We are both within an hour of parents and we love spending time with out family! After a very busy six months, 2017 should hopefully allow for more time with our loved ones.


Teach Roux New Tricks

On the 7th Roux will be six months old! It may seem like a silly goal, but Nick and I have always planned on teaching Roux some tricks while she is still a puppy. We have high hopes for our little furbaby who has already shown a lot of potential! Hopefully I’ll be bragging on Miss Roux Killebrew and all the tricks she learns later in the year!


Blogging Goals

Continue Blogging Consistently

Between a full time job and a social life, this goal can be hard to keep up with! I’ve tried my best since September to blog consistently and I plan to do the same for the new year. With a content calendar in hand and my blog besties (Allison & Lizzie) by my side, nothing is impossible!


Add Fashion Posts to Kait Around The Kingdom

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I put out a Twitter poll, and the people have spoken! Fashion posts will be coming to Kait Around The Kingdom in 2017.  This is a goal that I’m excited to start this year!  Who doesn’t love the chance to wear cute clothes and get all dressed up?


Building My Following

My blog is still fairly new, but I’m planning to gain some following in the year 2017! Last night at midnight I documented all of my final numbers of 2016 and I plan to compare them monthly to track my progress. If you want to follow me on my journey this year don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and my social media so you don’t miss a thing!


Blog About Disney More

When I first started this blog back in 2015, the dream was to blog about all things Disney. With the help of Allison and Lizzie, I was able to figure out the new direction for my blog that you see today! This goal is definitely attainable because I’ve got tons of ideas and I already have a trip lined up for this year in February. Only 55 days until I’m back in my happy place!




I’ve had a great 2016, but I’m willing to bet that 2017 will be the best year yet! My motto for this year is “If you can dream it, you can do it!” Not only is this one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes, but I think it represents the whole idea behind goals.  We set goals because we are trying to achieve something in life, and for most of us our goals and dreams tend to be the same thing!

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So here’s to a fun and successful 2017. Push the limits, reach for the stars, and dream BIG!

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  • This is the cutest outfit ever!! Love the color of the skirt!! 🙂

  • These are some great goals! I hope you’ll achieve them & that 2017 will treat you well 🙂
    Happy New Year to you both!

  • You have set some wonderful and realistic goals! Wish you can achieve all of them. Happy New Year!

  • I’m so ready to bring on 2017! I’m hoping for an amazing year too!

    I am in love with that skirt. Beautiful!

  • Great goals! I’ve read loads of 2017 goal posts today and they have all left me feeling inspired to set my own. Happy new year!
    Lianne @

  • This outfit is so pretty! I absolutely LOVE the color of that skirt.

    Here’s to a fabulous 2017!

  • I love your positivity, and how well it comes through in your writing voice. I think you’re off to a great start in 2017.

  • your goals are in alignment with mine! much success and abundance to you! <3

  • Which money saving challenges are you looking into?
    I wrote about a few that I’ve seen out there too:

    Hope you do well with your goals! I agree that it’s a lot of fun to see how far you’ve progressed throughout the year!

  • great goals for the year, really wish you the best with them and good luck with growing your blog =^.^=

  • Your goals are wonderful! Saving money is so important. It’s nice to have a little extra cash to fall back on.

  • Those are great goals! I hope you’ll reach them all! And, by the way, I absolutely love your pictures! So lovely!

  • Good luck achieving all of your goals! Your outfit reminds me of Cinderella.
    Casey //

  • So many awesome goals! I definitely agree with you on the cooking part. After work I always just want to pick something up, as opposed to cooking. But it adds up! Cannot wait to see your style posts!

    Cheers to 2017!

    xx, Jamie

  • You look gorgeous:) Definitely an outfit for a princess! I loved reading your goals and I can’t wait to see more fashion posts on here!

    xoxo, Hannah

  • Good luck on your goals. Love the article.

  • saving money is so important! And I started eating out less recently and cooking more and love it- you feel so much more accomplished lol x

  • I really like your goals and how you set personal and blogging goals, I am working on the same. I have always been a very goal orientated person and don’t function well without goals or something to strive for. I like to set our long term and short term goals to keep me on track to get to the long term ones. I tend to set them as needed throughout the year so I don’t get bogged down by to many new years goals.

  • Awesome plans! I’d like to do more fashion posts, too, but I never seem to get to it!

  • Dreaming is definitely step one to achieving our goals!
    And a tip for cooking more at home that helped me achieve this last year was to have several super easy recipes in your arsenal that can be made with staples you usually have on-hand. This saved me countless take-out meals! Good luck!

  • Best of luck on your goals this year! I love your outfit and the idea of doing a motto for the year too!


  • Danielle

    These are such great goals! I hope you have a good new year! Good Luck!
    With Love, Danielle

  • My husband and I set goals around Christmas time then six months in the year we check on our goals and see how we did.

  • Such a great motto for the year! I definitely will be applying it to my year as well.


  • Very reasonable goals, I am sure you can achieve them all. If you start to cook more, please share your recipes with us. I’ll be following you. Happy New Year!

  • You are so pretty, I am excited to see your fashion posts and you look adorable in your tutu skirt. Making more time for others is a lovely goal.

  • Here’s to a great year meeting your goals. Good luck on accomplishing them all.

  • Such a cute outfit! Good luck with your goals. 2017 is going to be a great year!

  • Cheers to a wonderful 2017, girl! I can’t wait to see what this year brings for you.

  • Awesome goals, and I love your ouftfit so darling! I have many new blogging goals…so hard to attain sometime with a full time job, but IM not giving up! Thanks for sharing!

    Fashion and travel

  • I’m always trying to cook more and eat out less! Thanks for the reminder. I definitely need to add that to my goals for 2017. Happy new year!

    Kayla |

  • Christina Sanders

    Awesome goals. I set goals for myself too on my blog! Thanks for sharing yours!!

  • I loved your outfit. Such honest and realistic goals. Good luck!

  • What a cute outfit. You set some really good goals too!

  • Elizabeth O.

    I’m sure you’re going to have an amazing year this year! 2016 was a roller coaster for me but I got through it without any scars, thankfully! I am loving your goals for this year!

  • I love the tulle skirt you’re wearing. It is just too cute. 🙂 Hope you succeed in achieving your goals for 2017. Wish you all the very best. 😀

  • So awesome that you guys had that tradition growing up! Also love these photos! Where were they taken?

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • You totally look like Cinderella in this adorable outfit! I think having blogging goals is such an awesome thing! I didn’t make any definite blogging goals until mid way through last year, and once I did, I really started seeing change! Cheers to 2017!

  • R U S S

    You go girl! I like how your goals are realistic, attainable, and most of all practical. I wish you the best in the things that you would like to accomplish both in your personal life and the blogger aspect of it. I need to start cooking, too but with my work schedule & all I’d rather sleep when I get home than cook – but I guess I’ll get there. Happy New Year!

  • Blogging more about Disney is definitely something I should do more. Only wrote one thing that I remember about Frozen, I’m sure there’s way more to say. Better do some research and watch them all again. For research…of course… 🙂

  • These pictures are SO beautiful!! I love them! Such great goals too – good luck!! 🙂

  • Best of luck to you with your goals for this year. I can totally see you blogging more about Disney, after all, you’re so cute in your outfit, it’s almost princess like.

  • That outfit is absolutely adorable!

  • You have very similar goals to what I have got, I love your give thanks goal and I’ve added that to my list to! As you say with day to day life it’s easy to take things for granted and not show the appreciation we feel so I think taking even just 5 minutes to go out our way to show how thankful we are can make someone’s day! All the best with your goals!

  • Aww you look so cute girl!! I love that skirt its adorable. So many great goals.

  • I would also like to cook more at home and eat out less.

  • Good luck on these goals! I hope you would be able to achieve them. Happy New Year!

  • Great goals and wishing you the best this year! Can’t wait to see more Disney related posts. Happy New Year to you!

  • katrina gehman

    those are great goals. i’m trying to cook more as well. it’s only the 4th, but so far so good. Good luck!

  • Are we twins?! Saving money and blogging consistently are two of my big goals for 2017 too. Good luck with your year 😊

  • TColeman

    I love all of your goals. They are so simple yet so moving at the same time. People should really follow suit with goals like this!

  • Loving your blog and your outfit. Definitely very airy. I love that you used to blog about Disney as I love Disney. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. And your goals are awesome, an amazing way to stay accountable for yourself.

  • Your whole outfit is absolutely adorable and you are definitely rocking the cinderella vibe. Where did you get it?

  • Congrats on a great 2016! Excited for what’s in store for you this new year! Your outfit is picture perfect 🙂

  • That is a very cute outfit by the way.

  • You look beautiful! I love january is the best way to make a fresh start. I can’t wait to see more of your posts about Disney.

    Isaly Holland |